Frequently Asked Questions

Does SKA work on Android? iPhone? Blackberry? Windows Mobile? Offline Mode?

At this time, we are working on making the SKA app available for iPhone and Android users only. In the future, the SKA app will be made available for all mobile platforms. If you are interested in joining the team to build mobile experiences, please contact us at

We strongly believe that the services provided by SKA should be utilized by people of all ages and irrespective of whether he/she owns a Smartphone or a data connection or not, so in the interest of all, we also accept bookings by phone.
Please call our helpline on +91 9972997804 to avail the service in an offline mode.

How do I register an account with SKA?

Download the SKA app from the app store, in case of an iPhone or the Google Play store, in case of a smartphone with an Android OS.

(a)Sign Up: Enter Personal Details

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Choose a password

(b) Verify your Mobile: Enter the OTP which we have messaged it on your mobile number to verify.

(c) Upload your Photograph: Upload your Selfie or upload an existing photograph, so our valets can easily identify you while drop off or while returning the car.

(d) Enter your Vehicle Details: This is a crucial step as it will help our valet to easily identifying your car. We assure you that all the details provided by you will be handled with utmost confidentiality, and will not be shared with any third party providers. You can add as many cars as you like and select the vehicle which you plan to drive.

  • Enter your Car Make and model Eg. Maruti Suzuki Swift.
  • Enter the colour of your car
  • Enter the Registration Number of the Car.

Promotion Program

SKA offers a limited period free credit for first time users to try our service, and referral bonus for referring new users to SKA.

We are currently offering Rs.100 as free parking credit for first time users and Rs.100 each for referring new users to SKA, credited for both.

Note: The parking credit is non transferrable, and cannot be used for availing our Premium services like car wash, refuelling, etc.

How it works?

Enter the promo code in the Payment/Promotion tab by selecting the “Add Promo” and type the code in exactly as you have it for free SKA parking credits.

Placing a request for a SKA valet and handing over the car keys.

  • Before you arrive, Select a Destination from the available options or pin it on the map in our serviceable area.
  • To confirm your reservation, hit the Pink “Request Valet” option on the bottom-right of your screen and confirm your location.
  • Head over to your destination in our serviceable area, and our SKA team will match your request to the nearest valet who will be waiting for your arrival.
  • A SKA Valet will be wearing a Pink coloured Polo Tshirt with SKA branding in the front and in the back.
  • Mutually Verify the code sent to you and your valet’s mobile to confirm each other’s identity.
  • Confirm the vehicle inspection report of the exterior condition of the car entered by the valet along with images of any existing dents in the car.
  • Handover the keys to the valet and allow him to safely park the car in a nearby parking lot.


  • For security reasons, kindly remove the car ignition key from the key bunch and avoid handing over the entire keybunch to any of our valet.
  • Ensure your car is free of all personal valuables before you handover the car keys to our valet, we will not be held responsible in the event of theft of any valuables left in the car.
  • Make sure the car is in good working condition, inform the valet in case there are certain problems which can be managed by the valet, if informed.

How to Avail the Premium Service?

While your car is parked with us, allow us to pamper your car, by availing additional services like Car Wash, Refuelling or maintain the recommended tyre pressure on your car.

  • Open your SKA app at any time in middle of your reservation to request any of our premium services from the Home page.
  • Click on Services and scroll to the right to add one of our premium additional services to your reservation.
  • Confirm your request
  • Make the payment through our payment gateway, and then we will take care of the rest.

How do I get my car back?

  • Enter the destination where and when you would like your car returned.
  • Select ‘Return Vehicle’ and select the time you want your car back.
  • Your car will be at your requested destination at the scheduled time.

When do I have to make payments for services availed through SKA?

Payment for Premium Services: All Premium services have a fixed tariff and have to be paid in advance.

Valet Parking: Since the duration of your car Valet’d with us is uncertain, you can pay the parking fees, after you request for the return of your car.

What are the payment methods available?

We have processes in place, with multiple payment options to make payment to SKA services as convenient as possible to you. Once you have done with the payment, you’ll receive a receipt in your email inbox.

Free Credit Account: You can avail the credit available in your account to cover the fees of parking.

Payment Gateway: You can access our payment gateway for seamless transactions through your Debit/Credit card.

MPOS: Every SKA valet carries a MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) device through which you can seamlessly make payments through your debit/credit card.

Offline Cash Mode: We prefer to have a cashless service to give a seamless mobile experience, however we also do accept cash, in case you find it convenient than other payment methods.

How Do I tip my Valets?

  • Tipping is completely cashless and can be left via the SKA app upon the close of your reservation.
  • Once your car has been returned to you and your reservation is complete, you’ll have the option to rate your experience.
  • Valet tips are completely optional - Make sure to hit the “No Tip” option and proceed to the next screen if you wish to pass.

While we accept most car types, we have set a restriction for oversize vehicles, sports cars, Performance tuned vehicles, cars with a vintage of more than 20 years, and cars which cost over Rs.1 Crore as we are insured for just Rs.1 Crore.

How to prepare yourself and your car before you avail services @ SKA?

Prepare your mobile.

  • Make sure you have sufficient charge in your Smartphone battery which will last for atleast the duration of the service.
  • Maintain adequate Internet Data and mobile recharge to have a seamless mobile experience.

Remove all your valuables: All our SKA valet have been through an extensive training exercise and have cleared the necessary background checks, however, SKA cannot be held liable for any lost or stolen personal valuables left in your vehicle. Please be sure to remove all valuables when requesting your SKA valet. Do report us at or call the helpline +91 9972997804 and we will try our best to recover, but we cannot guarantee to recover it.

Inform the valet of any existing problems with the car: You do not need to include every detail of the vehicle's performance, but if a door only opens a certain way, or the alarm is finicky, the valet will take sufficient precautions while handling your car.
Avoiding this step may unknowingly lead our valet with an accident because of pre-existing problems with the car unknown by the Valet, a faulty brake, dead headlights, etc.

Know your Car: Please know your car, both in and out! Make sure to assess your vehicle for any pre-existing damage before parking with us and after receiving your vehicle. SKA is not liable for any damage reported after 24 hours from the close of your service.

What happens if my phone dies or my data limit has exhausted, while parked with SKA?

Call the Helpline Number: Call the helpline +91 9972997804, we may want to verify your identity and once we have verified your identity, you can request where and when you want the car delivered. The valet may ask your identity proof to verify you.

Payment methods in an offline mode: Pay by Cash or Mpos (Mobile Point of sale) device with the valet.

How Does “Drive me Home” work?

Customers who prefer to be chauffer driven back to their home in their car ,after a heavy night’s party or have left their vehicle with us but now unable to retrieve it back due to change of plans can avail this service.

Note: This service will be strictly based on availability of Valet and on a first come first serve basis. This service is only available in case of an ongoing booking.

How do you determine SKA rates?

We factor in the cost of parking in metered bays, private car parks in the local area and remuneration to our valet to provide competitive rates. Our rates may be subject to change.

Where do you park my car?

SKA partners with local parking lots, garages and vacant off-street parking throughout the city. Customers may view in the app where their car is being parked.

How long is the wait for pickup & delivery of my car?

Car Pickup: When requesting your car to be picked up, please enter your destination/drop your pin in the app before you even start your engine. Then, just leave the app running in the background as you drive. When you get within proximity of your destination, our operations team will dispatch a valet to meet you at your drop off point before you arrive.

Car Delivery: When you'll need your car, just request your car to be returned to you, but please expect a wait time of around 15 minutes, especially during commute hours.

Are you insured?

We carry a Rs.1 Crore General Liability Insurance cover, It starts as soon as we take your car and doesn't end until it's back in your possession. If anything should happen to your car, SKA will cover the cost of the damages and fix your car at your convenience. Please remove your valuables out of your vehicles, as we are not responsible for theft.

I have to report damage to my car. What are my options?

We're very sorry to hear this about your car and we would like to investigate this further. If you are noticing damage, please send a separate email to as soon as you can and include photographs of the damage.
The SKA Operations Manager will be in touch with you immediately after and will be able to let you know about the options we have available. All claims for damage must be made within 24 hours of the completion of your reservation.

What happens if I forget some of my “stuff” in the car?

Not a problem! Just call our customer delight number at +91 9972997804 and we will work with you. You can also always call or text your agent from the SKA app.

How are your valets screened?

Each of our valets go through a rigorous interview and training process. They must have a clean driving record, pass a criminal background check, Additionally, SKA has a ZERO tolerance drug, alcohol and sexual abuse policy.

What are the serviceable Area and Timings

We are currently piloting our service in few parts of Bangalore, we will soon scale our operations Pan India.


  • Indiranagar: 8AM - 12AM
  • Koramangala: 8AM - 12AM
  • MG / Brigade Road: 8AM - 12AM
  • Commercial Street: 8AM - 12AM

What if there are no SKA Valets?

Well, that would be unfortunate and is highly unexpected. However, if all of our valets are busy helping other awesome customers get their cars parked, we will take note and do our best to make sure it never happens again. Bear with us, our revolution is just starting.

How can I promote the WOW experience with SKA?

Share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter and earn referral credit on every new customer who uses the service with your unique promo code.

How can I become an Online Brand Ambassador for SKA?

How: We periodically appoint people who have considerably contributed towards the spread of Brand SKA. It is solely at the discretion of our marketing department to decide whom to appoint.

Reward: An Online SKA Brand Ambassador is entitled to SKA services for free, excluding Actual Fuel bills and Car wash charges.

What if I have a bad experience with SKA?

Anything less than an awesome experience with SKA ruins our day. We encourage you to give us honest feedback every time. In the app, rate your SKA experience. Call us at +91 9972997804 or email us at with your comments.
We are located at 149/3, Coxtown, Bangalore-560005

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